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Balboa Island

Visit Balboa Island | Classic Newport Beach 

Balboa Island, Newport Beach’s iconic island community, is a special slice of Southern California. Visitors from all over the world come to Balboa Island to experience fine food, famous shops, and an exciting seaside culture.

Walk Across Balboa Island

Made up of three small islands and connected by bridges, Balboa Island is a magical community that’s easily explored on foot. As you walk down Marine Avenue, Balboa Island’s main street, you enter a small, beautiful village where you can enjoy a famous “Frozen Banana.” Walking the island is a favorite pastime. Balboa Island residents are happy to say hello and offer advice, you’ll be amazed by the the friendly home-town feel.

Balboa Island Restaurants

Balboa Island has many fantastic restaurants. For a local’s favorite, check out Wilma’s Patio, a great place breakfast and lunch. Basilic offers authentic French/Swiss cuisine. Discover countless candy and cupcake shops to fuel your sugar buzz.

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