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A Guide to So Cal Coastal Distance Learning & Working

24 Aug 2020
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This year has been challenging to stay the least. We, at Val's Vacation Homes, truly feel for teachers and families with school-aged children attempting to navigate the current learning environment. If you’re in a situation where you have options to learn (and work) remotely, we welcome you to consider joining us in Southern California this fall and winter. We find that a change of location can be the perfect recipe for inspiring positivity, learning, creativity and focus.

The type of lodging we can offer also makes all the difference. Vacation rentals have been one of the only accommodations in travel and tourism sector that have seen sustained reservations and, in many cases, growth. It makes sense. Guests can manage their own immediate environments and have zero or less touch points with staff or other guests. In addition, vacation home rentals are typically spacious, sometimes even moreso than you're own home, and there are similar comforts to that of your own home. So what are you waiting for?

Here are a few tips and tricks for pulling off a successful "Coastal Distance Learning (or Working)" trip or even an extended stay to Southern California.


You're probably wondering: Is this worth the hassle? What do I need to consider to make this work? Why should I do it? We've broken it all down for you so all that you have left to do is choose which Orange County vacation rental you'll be staying in.

Reliable high-speed Wi-Fi

Having reliable and fast internet is the No. 1 component of a successful Coastal Distance Learning and Working trip. You and your children need to be able to easily access the internet from your laptops. It's critical. All Val's Vacation Homes rentals provide high-speed Wi-Fi access. However, if anything happens to come up with access, you have someone to call for support. Rest assured!

Local Retailers for Coastal Distance Learning Needs

If you need school or office supplies at any point, CM School Supplies in Anaheim has just about everything and anything you can think of. If you have any dire laptop repair needs, there are many, many options in the Orange County area, but the local experts at xFixit come highly recommended for a variety of device needs.

Field Opportunities to Learn at the Bolsa Chico Ecological Reserve

Learn about local flora and fauna at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, a 1300-acre protected coastal estuary with open water, mudflats, marshes, dunes, seabird nesting islands, riparian, and freshwater marsh. Sign up the family for a wildlife tour with a local naturalist to gain the most knowledge or opt for a more causual self-guided hike through the reserve.

Pacific Time Means Quiet Time

Pacific Coastal time is different from home time. The pace is a probably bit slower and quieter than what you're used to. Throught this spring and summer, you've probably observed that having everyone under one roof, all the time, learning and working is not exactly a quiet experience. The beauty in staying at one of Val's Vacation Homes is that everyone has space to spread out to learn, work, read, or just relax and recoup. 

Changes the Scenery, Change the Perspective

This has truly been a trying time and it would come as little surprise if one family member or another didn't occasionally suffer from some form of depression or anxiety. Spending some quality time in a sunny, outdoorsy community can help alleviate those struggles.

Some ideas for improving mental health: At lunch hour, considering taking the whole gang on a picnic hike or a quick dip in your vacation rental's private pool. Getting outdoors while the sun is shining is a great way to change up your daily at-home routine and keep everyone happy and focused. A morning or evening run or hike for the parents is also a great way to keep fit while you're out of your normal routine and combat stress.

Breathe in the ocean air, enjoy the scenic vista and take a moment for yourself. You deserve it.